Crawlspaces, especially in the warm, humid months during the summer, create very moist conditions which then become susceptible to mold growth and wood rot. Vents into the foundation walls allow warm, moist air to enter the cool crawlspace. As the air cools, condensation will form on surfaces.

Soil evaporation also can be a significant source of crawlspace moisture. To reduce the moisture and maintain a climate-controlled environment, encapsulating the crawlspace and/or installing a dehumidifier is recommended.

Hydroscience Group will conduct a site inspection of the crawlspace and identify the scope of work. Depending on the conditions of the crawlspace, one or both the aforementioned options may be recommended.

The dehumidifier can be controlled wirelessly via cell phone and all collected water in the dehumidifier is automatically discharged to the exterior of the home through flex tube.