The foundation of residential and commercial buildings can be subject to significant outside pressures which over time can cause vertical as well as horizontal cracks. At the same time, a foundation’s walls and floors can also be affected by these pressure and seasonal changes in the surrounding soil. As time goes on, even a seemingly minor defect can develop into a major problem.

Hydroscience Group has specialists on staff that is well versed in how to identify and repair a wide range of foundation defects. This includes our innovative crack repair system, which has been meticulously engineered and manufactured by Rhino Carbon Fiber © Products.

This foundation repair strategy can effectively address cracks by installing durable carbon fiber straps to both structurally repair a crack as well as prevent water intrusion. There have also been instances where our techniques were able to address things like bowing wall was displacing sill plate due to static pressure which also affected the foundation footings which will then stabilize the wall.

With the proper installation, these carbon fiber straps carry a 25 yr warranty. This gives you a very cost-effective way to preserve and repair a previously compromised foundation, wall, or floor.


After inspecting your slab, basement, or foundation, and assessing the surrounding soil conditions, our specialists can help you understand your repair options. This might include things like installing a pier foundation system or other methods to stabilize the surface. We can then repair the crack itself to restore your floor to its original smooth condition.

Why Should You Fix Your Foundation?

In general, the longer you wait to have your foundation professionally inspected and repaired, the more likely the problem is to worsen. Hydroscience Group can perform a fast, yet thorough inspection to provide you with a detailed cost analysis quote.

Without professional repair, a damaged or compromised foundation could suffer:

  • A negative impact on the resale value

  • Worsening aesthetic issues

  • Door and window alignment issues which cause them to jam

  • Safety issues

  • Water intrusion problems

  • Invasive pest problems

How We Do It

All of Hydroscience Group’s patented foundation and crack repair solutions are carefully designed to match the dynamics of home or commercial structure. The first step toward restoring your foundation, slab, walls, or floor starts with a comprehensive inspection. This information will be factored into the foundation repair strategy that we present to you.

Rhino Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Products© can often be used to manage cracks and modest wall or corner defects. In a situation where soil composition changes are a factor, we might also need to install a system of Helical Piers.