Beat the Bite this summer!

As our thoughts turn from the long, cold winter days to the warm days of spring and summer, so does our longing to be outside in our yards enjoying time with our family and friends; however, mosquitos can often times interrupt those good feelings and drive us back inside. Hydroscience Group (HG) offers a mosquito and tick control service that can ensure those backyard experiences are enjoyed throughout the entire summer season. Stay ahead of these pests and Beat the Bite!

Hydroscience Group is an independently owned environmental company and we have applied our environmental expertise to develop a mosquito and tick treatment process to control these pests throughout the entire season. Mosquito treatments can consist of a one-time application or a season long package in which HG will return to the property approximately every 21 days to reapply the insecticide. The insecticides utilized are EPA approved and treatments are applied with spraying and drop spreader equipment. Mosquito and tick control treatments can be applied stand alone or in combination with each other. Tick control will consist of two treatments throughout the season.

Prior to applying any type of treatment, an HG representative will conduct an initial onsite inspection which will include identifying any potential breeding areas and areas collecting rain water. These collection areas will need to be monitored ongoing to ensure the effectiveness of the mosquito treatments. Upon completion of the initial inspection, HG will derive an appropriate treatment process for your property. Our certified technicians have been trained in the most up to date application processes and utilize the latest equipment to treat your property both effectively and efficiently. The goal of these applications is to disrupt the lifecycles of these pests and prevent any associative insect-borne diseases from entering your yard. Your environment is our commitment, so if for some reason you are dissatisfied with our service, please contact our office and our friendly staff members will work to find a solution for your property.

If you have any additional questions regarding our processes or would like to discuss pricing, please give our office call, we would be happy to speak with you.

Beat the Bite this summer with Hydroscience Group!