In the past, many New Jersey homes as well as homes in neighboring states used fuel oil heating systems. As time has gone on, the availability of modern gas lines and other technological advancements have gradually moved homes toward other heating systems. Yet with many homes, especially those in rural locations, the older fuel oil tanks still remain.

If you have a home with a pre-existing fuel oil tank, an unused fuel oil tank, or you are thinking about bidding on a home with a tank that was installed before 1980, it’s wise to have a property scan performed. This is even more warranted if the property was previously foreclosed or was uninhabited for any stretch of time.

A property without documented history on the fuel oil tank or other tanks on the property should also be a red flag that says a property scan or tank inspection is needed. In some of these cases, preexisting, unused tanks, may not have been closed or sealed properly. As time goes on, other fluids and weather changes could affect the integrity of the tank.

Professional Environmental Consulting Services

Hydroscience Group has spent years developing a trusted reputation for being industry leading in environmental consulting services. We have worked with a diverse client base, in a variety of unique situations. Our clients have come to rely on our expertise to assess the state of their tanks and the impact to the rest of their property.

Throughout our extensive history we have performed property scans and tank assessments for homeowners, and prospective property buyers as well as:

  • Attorneys

  • Land developers

  • Agricultural organizations

  • Commercial businesses

  • Property managers

  • Banks and financial institutions

  • Regulatory agencies

In some of these situations, there have been multiple parties involved. Hydroscience Group’s specialists have years of experience interacting with a wide range of professionals to make sure that every interested party understands the characteristics of the situation. This includes the necessary solutions to remediate any existing problems.

In many of these instances, there are underlying environmental issues that can affect business transactions or operations related to the property. Fortunately, we have the expertise to handle projects or all magnitude, while maintaining schedule and budget parameters.

A Diverse Menu Of Environmental Scan And Assessment Services

Professional Site Assessments

The level of scrutiny involved in a site assessment might vary depending on the particular factors that are afoot. In every case that we are called into, we practice the utmost effort to be comprehensive.

This includes:

  • History of property transactions
  • Site development
  • Refinancing
  • Records review
  • Identifying potential environmental concerns

Whenever warranty we also work to determine:

  • Potential drilling locations
  • Developing sampling plans
  • Assessing hydrogeological conditions.

This might also include delineating impacts and characterizing unique site conditions.

The overarching goal of this process is to accurately represent all liability considerations, as well as remedial options, and initial budget estimates.

Professionally Administered Mold Surveys

Increasing awareness of the health threat posed indoor mold air pollution and the potential for physical damage has driven increased demand for professional mold surveys. Hydroscience

Group has the tools and training to perform mold surveys in:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Workplaces
  • Educational institutions
  • Apartments, condos and other multifamily housing

Our process uses state-of-the-art technology to inspect all suspected areas of mold infestation. This typically includes collecting samples, interpreting results.

Comprehensive Storage Tank Services

Hydroscience Group offers a full range of comprehensive tank services for underground storage tanks, as well as above ground storage tanks. This includes things like:

  • In-place closure
  • Comprehensive site investigation
  • Site Remediation
  • Tank removal
  • Proper tank storage
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Limiting Risk, Liability, And Environmental Impact

If you own a property with an existing underground or above ground storage tank routine inspections are often necessary. If you are thinking about purchasing a property with fuel oil or other older storage tank a professional property scan can strongly influence the value, your bid, or any contingencies that need to be put in place before closing the sale.

Fortunately, Hydroscience Group has the highly trained staff and equipment necessary to accurately survey these tanks and other areas. While also assessing any environmental impact.